The designer Mia Sahlberg's creative expression is as varied as it is versatile. For the last decade she has made parallel journeys from clothing designer, stylist, painter and visual artist to silversmith. Ever since Mia's first clothing collection, which was designed in Paris 2007, her foundation has been rooted in the Scandinavian heritage combined with a playful approach where she listens to the element of the material.

Mia literally stumbled into the world of silversmithing, when she planned a photo session where she wanted to cover the model’s fingers with rings. She was looking all over Paris after exciting jewelry, but she couldn’t find was she was looking for. The desire for a new expression in combination with creating something unique led Mia starting to play with jewelry design. As always for Mia, processes are initiated organically. She began experimenting with fabrics to produce dramatic accessories, but shortly after she got curious about silver jewelry and Youtube tutorials became the starting point to her new profession as a silversmith.  

All M.SAHLBERG jewelry pieces are handcrafted in the M.SAHLBERG jewelry atelier and shop in Stockholm, all silver is 100% recycled. What characterizes M.SAHLBERG jewelry is the raw and unpolished feeling that is constantly playing against Scandinavian minimalism. A balance of opposites.